2017 GLATA Award Winners

2017 GLATA Award Winners

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Golden Pinnacle

Gerald W. “Jerry” Bell, EdD, FNATA (IL)

David H. Craig, LAT, ATC (IN)

William “Bill” Tessendorf, MA, ATC (OH)

Outstanding Educator Award

Rebekah R. “Becky” Bower, MS, AT, ATC (OH)

Carrie L. Docherty, PhD, ATC, FNATA (IN)

Catherine A. “Katie” Grove, PhD, LAT, ATC (IN)

Laura L. Harris, PhD, AT (OH)

Brian M. Hatzel, PhD, AT, ATC (MI) 

Dedicated Service Award

Michael Medich, MS, MA, AT (OH)

Craig Voll, PhD, ATC (IN)

Honorary Membership Award

Paul Strandquist (IL)

President’s Excellence Award

Thomas G. Weidner, PhD, ATC, FNATA (IN)

Gatorade Secondary School Athletic Trainer Award

Robert Gillen, Wauconda High School (IL)

GLATA Student Senate Preceptor of the Year

Philip Frank, MS, AT, CES, PES

Central Crossing High School (Ohio State University) (OH)

Fall 2016 Research Award Winners

Gordy Stoddard Research Assistance Award

Eric Post, MS, ATC – University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Knowledge of sport volume recommendations and attitudes and beliefs towards sport specialization among youth sport coaches”

Thomas Weidner Research Assistance Award

Tamara Sagadore, CAT(C), LAT, ATC – Illinois State University

“The effectiveness of a 4-week yoga intervention on the activation and timing of transverse abdominis and lumbar multifidus muscles, pain and functional disability among healthy and low back pain participants”

Public Relations Contest Winner