Memorial Resolutions

Athletic Training is a profession made up of unsung heroes.

Many times the athletic trainer is the first to arrive and the last to leave, all the while working behind the scenes and avoiding the limelight because it is just part of the job! Even though all of us athletic trainers realize that athletes do not just go away to some magical land of healing and return, it is a testament to the skill of athletic trainers that the general public simply presumes that an injured athlete will return back to full health. We, as athletic trainers, should all take solace in the fact that although we might not realize it, we have an impact on the lives of the people with whom we deal on a daily basis in ways that we may never understand. Therefore, recognition of a deceased athletic trainer by the Memorial Resolutions Committee is possibly the final and ultimate recognition by the Great Lake Athletic Trainers Association for our unsung heroes.


Recent Memorials

Ken Marshall

Ken Marshall passed away peacefully on January 23, 2016. Retired since 2011 from Central State University, Ken was a gradaute of Indiana State University and the University of Dayton.

Mathew Lee Elsing

Matt Elsing tragically passed away in a car accident while traveling back from a sporting event he was working. He worked with athletes at UW-Eau Claire and the Madison Mallards.

Joshua F. Stuhr

Joshua died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. He attended Minnesota State University, Mankato and was working on his Master’s Degree in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention through California University of Pennsylvania at that time of his untimely passing.

Memorial Resolutions by State


  • Ann Banfield
  • Diana Bentel
  • Wilfred Buddell
  • Bernard Cahill, MD
  • Richard Dominguez
  • William Durnil, Jr
  • Carl Erickson
  • Del Humphrey
  • Robert Jaeger
  • Erika L. Kane
  • Bob Kief
  • Jill M. Lambert
  • Matt Passalaqua
  • Robert Spackman
  • Julie K. Svec
  • Gail Weldon


  • Z. Mel Blickenstaff
  • Loyal “Doc” Combs, MD
  • Harold Cordell
  • Dwayne “Spike” Dixon
  • Jill M.Guenin
  • Joe Harvey
  • Daniel Helm
  • Jill A. Horton
  • Stephanie P. Janssen
  • Larnard “Lon” Mann
  • James H. Morris
  • Sam Newberg
  • William E. Newell
  • Til Panaranto
  • Eugene S. Paszkiet
  • Mert Prophet


  • Donald Bleam
  • Christina Dallas
  • Joseph N. Frees
  • Esther Geissel
  • Jack Heppinstall
  • David Hough, MD
  • James Hunt
  • Todd Jager
  • Timothy Karr
  • Miller Kelley
  • Stephanie Lay
  • Clarence S. Livingood
  • Greg Meredith
  • Harold Mundy
  • Gerald O'Connor, MD
  • Lenert Paddock
  • William Quinn
  • Kelly Parkinson
  • Gayle Robinson
  • Kristi Sprecher
  • Steve Vukas
  • Robert White
  • Aaron Ziemba


  • Dan Campbell
  • Lawrence Neumann
  • Sandy Spanier
  • George Spano
  • Lloyd “Snapper” Stein


  • Tony Adamle
  • Henry Andel
  • Ray Baldwin
  • Herman Bearzy
  • Joe Begala
  • Eugene R. Benner
  • Ernie Biggs
  • George Busenberg
  • George Christman
  • E.F. “Jay” Colville
  • Timothy Chad Fallis
  • Dan Gorman
  • Alan W. Hart
  • Roy Harvey, DPM
  • Edward B. Hawkins
  • Billy Hill
  • David M. Huffstetler
  • Ernest Hudak
  • Richard Iliano
  • Conne Jarvis
  • Karin A. Johnson
  • Joe Keefe
  • Edward Kwest
  • David Litt
  • Ken Marshall
  • Daniel Morgan
  • James D. Nice
  • Dean Ochi
  • Karen J. Phipps
  • Denise Ratliff
  • Albert Rector
  • Al Sawdy
  • J. Michael Spilman
  • Robert Sutton
  • Mark A. Tener
  • Lynn Wallace
  • Chester J. Waltrip
  • James "Jimmy" Warfield
  • Melvin Watrous
  • Linda Weber-Daniel
  • Jennifer Webb
  • Charles Wershing
  • Amy L. Zeinner


  • Walt Bakhe
  • Dan Davis
  • Matthew Lee Elsing
  • Domenic Gentile
  • Kurt Grimm
  • Derek Horn
  • Carl Jorgenson
  • Shari Khaja Dorresteijn
  • Jerry Nauert
  • James Nolan
  • Jeff G. Oliphant
  • Tracy Rasor
  • John Schmitz
  • Jeff Snedeker
  • Joshua F. Stuhr
  • Jon Swift
  • Robert Weingart

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