The NATA Safe Sports School Program was initiated to demonstrate and increase the value of an athletic trainer, as well as initiate discussion of youth athlete safety. The program has achieved these goals partially, but participation has been limited across GLATA secondary schools. In order to increase the number of NATA 1st and 2nd Team Safe Sports School Awards in the district, GLATA has made funding available for a total of sixty (60) grants, with ten (10) grants designated for each state within the GLATA. The grant shall pay the entire $150 application fee for the NATA Safe Sports School program. Funding preference will be given to schools meeting all criteria for 1st team selection, however, all schools meeting 2nd team criteria are encouraged to apply. Funding preference will also be given to schools demonstrating a financial obstacle to paying for the application fee.

In order to apply applicants will need to submit the following

  1. NATA Safe Sports School Application including all required signatures
  2. GLATA Safe Sport School Grant Program Application

Ten (10) grants will be reserved per GLATA state through June 30, 2018. Schools submitting first-time grant submissions will receive preference over schools submitting an application for a Safe Sports School Award renewal through June 30, 2018. Beginning July 1, 2018, any school applying for a grant will be given equal consideration, regardless of state and regardless of renewal status. The final deadline for all applications is December 31, 2018.

Once a school has been awarded the Safe Sports School designation from the NATA, a representative from the school will work directly with the GLATA Public Relations (PR) Committee Chair and respective state association PR representatives to draft an appropriate public relations portfolio (press release, photography, videography, social media, etc).

Recognition of GLATA as the funding source is required for all grant winners. The phrase, “Funding for this award was provided by the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association” should be added to any print or digital material produced by the school recognizing the Safe Sports School Award.

The GLATA Safe Sports School grant solely represents that a school has received funding to apply for the NATA Safe Sports School Award program. Receiving a GLATA Safe Sports School grant does not insure that the school will be awarded the NATA Safe Sports School Award.

For specific questions please contact GLATA President-Elect Ryan Wilkinson. 

For specific questions please contact Ryan Wilkinson (

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GLATA offers 20 online EBP home study courses through Innovative CEUS. Members can access a half off coupon in the members only section. Remember 2017 is a BOC reporting year, all certified athletic trainers need 10 BOC approved EBP CEUS.