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Camarie Slagle (WI)
GLATA Quiz Bowl Co-Coordinator

Camarie is from Savannah, MO and graduated from Savannah High School. She is currently attending University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. As a GLATA Quiz Bowl Co-Coordinator, she is responsible for the organization and planning of the annual event. This year for clinicals she is working alongside the Women’s Volleyball Team in the fall and will complete a spring internship at an orthopedic and sports medicine center. Previously in her time at UWEC, Camarie has completed clinical rotations in the Athletic Training room on campus, with the Men’s Basketball Team, at Mayo Clinic, with the Track and Field team, and at a local high school. She is also an active member of The Navigators, Triathlon Club, and serves as the President of the UWEC Athletic Training Honors Society. In her free time, Camarie loves spending time with family and friends, traveling, and running. Upon graduation from Eau Claire, Camarie plans to gain experience in the orthopedic clinic and then pursue her Masters.

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