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Emily Sagstetter (IN)
Student Education Program Co-Coordinator

Emily is from Fort Wayne, IN and is beginning her senior year at Purdue University. Emily serves as one of the Student Education Planning Coordinators for GLATA and works with her committee to prepare the student programming for the annual conference. She also serves as the student representative to the Indiana Athletic Trainers' Association (IATA), and is working to promote and increase bone marrow donors through the Project 44 initiative. Emily has gained clinical experiences working with Lafayette Jefferson and McCutcheon High Schools, and Purdue wrestling, football, baseball and Women's soccer teams. She just completed a summer internship working with the Lafayette Aviators baseball team. Last year, she had the opportunity to travel abroad and study traditional Chinese medicine at Beijing Sport University. In her free time, Emily loves being active, exploring nature, and spending time with friends and family. She plans on continuing her education in sports medicine either through accepting a GA position or attending Physical Therapy school after graduation.

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