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Kevin Parker, ATC
Michigan State Representative


Elections Committee

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Kevin Parker joined the Aquinas College athletic training staff in the fall of 2006, after stops in intercollegiate athletics, at both NCAA and NAIA institutions, and high school athletics. Kevin completed his bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Miami University and a master’s degree in exercise science from Auburn University. Kevin has served at the President of the Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society (2019-2021), and as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Oregon Athletic Trainers Society (2005-2006.) In 2014 he received the Above and Beyond Award from the College/University Athletic Trainers’ Committee of the National Athletic Trainers Society. In March of 2018, Gatorade Performance Partner released the video “Three Minutes in September” publicizing his life-saving actions that day to promote the profession of athletic training as a whole.  Kevin’s professional interests are in rehabilitation, athletic development, and sports science while focusing on delivering quality healthcare to the patients he serves. Kevin lives in Grand Rapids, MI, with his wife Tonya Parker, who is also an athletic trainer.

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